Welcome to Language School Stockholm!

Language Learning Stockholm is specialized on teaching  French, Spanish and Swedish as a Second Language.

We have also add English for Spanish speaking.

1. French and Spanish all levels.

The lessons are ideal for students between 13 and 18 years old that need intensive lessons in French or Spanish to improve their results at school. It is also aimed for adults interested on learning French or Spanish.

2. French and Spanish for bilingual children at Nursery schools.

These lessons are for children between 3 and 5 years old where language stimulation of the mother tongue is combined with art, music and craft work in a fun and stimulating way.

3. Swedish as a Second Language.

Introduction into Swedish, culture and country.

We create a personalized plan according to the student level and needs, obtaining simultaneous results.

 4. English for Spanish speaking

– English basic level with focus on grammar and vocabulary to obtain a higher level fast.

– Conversation. You will improve your ability to speak about different subjects, improving your vocabulary and general knowledge about subjects concerning society.

– Business English. You will learn specific vocabulary related to business and international trade through writing exercices and verbal exercices.

Inglés para Spanish speaking people

Hemos agregado inglés para Spanish speaking people. Ofrecemos 3 niveles:

– Basic Spanish

A travéz de ejercicios de gramática y vocabulario podrás alcanzar un nivel mayor con rapidez.

– Conversation

Por medio de temas actuales podrás mejorar tu expresión oral, aprendiendo nuevas palabras especificas de cada tema.

Son temas relacionados con lo que te gusta y te interesa para tu trabajo: comercio, ciencia, política, temas sociales, etc.

– Business English

Ejercicios escritos y de conversación sobre situaciones reales en el mundo de negocios y comercio internacional.

Catalan, a new challenge

FullSizeRenderLanguage Learning Stockholm has moved to Barcelona, where I continue teaching languages and learning a new one as well. As never planned or expected, I am now learning Catalan, the official language of the Catalonyan region. This is when I use my learning abilities, observe and enjoy the local culture, until I will manage to understand and make proper sentences. In the mean while, I enjoy the beauty of the region!

Art Exhibition at Art Café, Stockholm

I believe that every person has one or several talent to develop and it is our aim to find that particular skill or talent that could be within music, art, dance, sport, litteracy, management, hospitality or any other field. As a teacher, I look for those gifts and coach my students to believe on and develop their skills .

On Saturday the 15th I am having an exhibition together with other talented people.

You are wellcome to Västerlånggatan 60, Gamla stan, Stockholm.

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